Search Engine Optimisation and website performance reporting are often overlooked aspects of website ownership.

Most website owners have very limited visibility of the business performance of their websites. Or, just assume it’s too complicated and chose to ignore it. We provide reporting, in one place, that allows you to gain a full understanding of how your website is performing. Perhaps more importantly, we tell you how your website is performing relative to your competitors so you are not blinkered in your visibility.

The focus is always on actionable data metrics – metrics which can result in actions to further improve performance of both your search engine optimisation and overall website performance across all channels.

We offer

two levels

of reporting

Standard Reporting

This is detailed but not so much that it becomes noise. The metrics are focussed on providing an overview of website performance. Here’s an overview of the data provided;

Google My Business

Position and Keyword Tracking

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Custom Reporting

If the standard reporting misses any key areas that are specific to your goals then we can customise any reports to cater for your exact requirements. Any data metrics that are available across Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business and many more sources are available to include in a regular or ad hoc reporting schedule.

Like with almost everything SEO related, the devil is in the detail.

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