In many ways, this is where it all starts. When you start a business, competitor research is critical but many people fail to do this online.

Part of the reason for this is not knowing where to find the right data. It can also be very time consuming. We invest heavily in tools, process and people to ensure we give you the very best in-depth data available.

You will receive a detailed report showing an overview of your website performance vs your key competitors. You will see how many keywords each site is ranking for and how much traffic each site is receiving as a result. You will also receive data on paid advertising stats for each website and also a breakdown of traffic between branded and unbranded keywords.

Following this we dive down into the detail and provide you with a list of all ranked keywords for each competitor website. The Google ranking position for each keyword, search volume for each keyword and how much traffic each ranked keyword is generating. This gives you a detailed view of where all your traffic, and your competitors, is coming from, exactly – no guesswork involved! Ever.

The outcome of this research is to start building a picture of how you are currently placed versus your competitors. It will also identify opportunities to grow your traffic by focussing on what is working well for your competitors. You will uncover focus keyword opportunities and you will also see which keywords your competitors are paying for in paid ads. This information gives you everything you need to know about your competitive landscape and arms you with a huge amount of data on which to base your SEO strategies going forward.

Once the Competitor Research is complete many clients move on to have ongoing Search Engine Optimisation which starts with building detailed Keyword and Content Strategies.

These strategies will be the foundation for growing traffic to your website in a very focussed and intentional way. This is where insight and data come together to build actionable SEO Strategies that deliver results. We like to call this ‘Actionable Data’.

Like with almost everything SEO related, the devil is in the detail.

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