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Depending on what stage your website is in, you will likely need a different type of audit. With a basic SEO audit, we review your website from a sitewide SEO perspective.

We undertake a technical sitewide SEO review which involves auditing some of the following: Broken Links, Google Analytics Goals, SSL, Page Speed, Robots.txt, Indexation, Low-Value Pages, Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Internal Link Structure, and more.

From a business perspective we audit some of the following: Google Analytics and Google Search Console set up. The reason we consider these business focussed areas is purely down to reporting and measurement. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Google My Business set up is also critically important but often overlooked as a key source of traffic for your website.

For larger, more complex or e-commerce websites it will be necessary to carry out a more detailed audit. As these can differ dramatically between individual websites we carry out a fully bespoke approach to these although all the basic SEO audit steps would be included for any audits we undertake.

One completion of the site audit we will have compiled a complete snapshot and health check of your entire online presence. This ensures that we are building a solid foundation on which to start to further optimise the website and grow traffic. The audit will also form the basis of the first phase of any search engine optimisation planned to be carried out on the website. Fixing the technical issues and building that foundation are key to ensuring your website is in good shape technically.

In summary, the audit involves a thorough health check of your website as well as checking all reporting and measurement tools associated with it are also set up correctly. Finally, we will also uncover opportunities and quick wins for further on page search engine optimisation.


This is the most forgotten or neglected part of good SEO. So many website owners are sucked into the excitement of a new website that they overlook this critical step. This is then further compounded by a designer, developer, or indeed many agencies, not properly taking existing SEO into consideration when building a new website.

We will carry out a full audit of the existing site, assess the value of all the SEO assets built up in Google Search and look to retain as much of that SEO Capital as possible. To launch a new website without doing this properly has resulted in many serious and damaging drop offs in website traffic. The key take away here is to not change too much at once. We take a careful and measured approach that won’t disrupt your rankings too much. In essence we audit, plan and execute a detailed strategy for website migrations that will allow you to continue to build on your online assets – not crush them and leave you building them up from scratch or a badly compromised position.

Like with almost everything SEO related, the devil is in the detail.