Mountain SEO was born out of the desire to be the very best at Search Engine Optimisation and only Search Engine Optimisation. We like to stay focussed…

It used to be that one person could design, build and market a website, now a team of people with a diverse skill set is required – at least to do it properly.

This fact is overlooked by many agencies and business owners who think that all websites are created equal.

This is simply not true as every website is as unique as the business it represents. Understanding the objectives of a business, its competitors and the marketplace it operates in is critical to success. Not just online but everywhere.


About – Mountain SEO OÜ

Mountain SEO OÜ is a Private Limited Company registered in Estonia as part of their e-Residency programme – “The New Digital Nation”. Starting and running a business is even more expensive now (at least in the UK) than it was 20 years ago – despite technology being available to significantly streamline the bureaucracy and reduce the cost. For anyone who works in technology, this is frustrating, wasteful and ultimately leads us to look for better alternatives. Setting up a company in this way in the EU offers significant and numerous advantages, especially for a technology services company. When partnered with a service partner such as Xolo Leap this arrangement is basically a ‘no brainer’. Further, if you live and breath technology, you can’t help but be impressed by the opportunity and admire the ambition of the scheme.

About – The Owner

My name is Stewart Liesnham and I have worked in technology all my working life as well as studying it during my higher education years. I spent many years working in telecoms, initially for a cable TV company who owned franchises in the deregulated UK telecoms market back in the early 90’s. I then moved to Cable and Wireless plc in a number of roles, my last role being Vice President of Global Network Planning.

 Since then I have been working in Digital Media and more recently focussed almost exclusively on Search Engine Optimisation. This is an area where I see many disappointed and disillusioned business owners who have had bad experiences with SEO Companies. My goal is to change that perception with everyone that I work with.

Mountain SEO will seek to understand all these areas and deliver
the best results for your website.

How do we do this? We delve into the detail that most people want to avoid. Much of the time this comes down to a desire to avoid accountability. If the details are glossed over and things are generalised, it’s easier to avoid scrutiny. We like scrutiny, it keeps up sharp. It also keeps us focussed on delivering results.

That’s why Mountain SEO aims to be the Best SEO Company out there!

Like with almost everything SEO related, the devil is in the detail.

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